Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Face Cream

The other day Rylee told me that she had dry
Cheeks and wanted to put cream on them. I
thought nothing of it because she has done this
many times before. Well, about ten minutes later
and she comes out looking like a little ghost. I got
after her a little and she came back with "but mom,
they were really dry".


The McClellan Clan said...

I don't know how she didn't miss the eyes. She's a pro. Emmy has got me mad, and laughing now with desitin, kiddie toothepaste, and lotion. She keeps going for the eye ball too!!
If her face isn't Kelly's to a tee I don't know what is!! Her eyes and smile is soooooo Kelly!!
So cute kids!!! I can't believe how big they are, its not fair!!

Hayley said...

Hey-long time, no see!

Your kids are darling!

Torrie Nicholas said...

Oh, little Miss Rylee we can't wait to see you. You and Cole might get into a lot of trouble together. (only the cute kind ;-)

Carolina said...

Hey Celeste, it's Carolina Dave's sister. I came to your blog from Becky's. Way Cute! Your kids are darling and you do a great job blogging!

wosnikclan said...

Hey Celeste I'm glad you're a blogger now. It is so cute. We need to go out on a double with the husbands sometime. I think we set a date but we both just spaced it I guess. You should check out my blog