Monday, February 22, 2010

Car Anyone??????????

OK I really love this car I do!! It gets great gas mileage, it only costs $30 to fill the tank, It's sporty, and peppy (if that is a word), and I even had a guy tell me it was a HOT color! I love zipping around in it and I can park almost anywhere!! SO why am I telling you this? Well - I am selling her:-( My family doesn't fit very well in this car. We are fine unless we all want to go somewhere together as a family. Do people do that anymore? Surprisingly we do!! If Kelly drives there is no leg room in the back seat. Poor Ty is wedged in between the two car seats in the back and complains that he has no room to move his arms and Kody is hitting him and Rylee is laying her head on him because she fell asleep and her head is bobbing on to his.......Anyone need a cute, peppy, sporty, hot, car?????

2009 Pontiac G6 GT - 25,300 miles - $15,500. OBO


See - she really is cute!!
Let me know if anyone is interested or you would like more info!
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Greg Becky said...

It's to bad that you can't just tell Ty to lay down on the floor or in the back window like we use to do, dang those carseats and seatbelt laws!! I wish I could down size but I think we are in the same boat as you and need something bigger. I hope you can sell it quickly. Love ya.