Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day with Kody

I have tried to explain to people how BUSY Kody is, but I just don't think you can understand without actually seeing it for yourself. I have to say he is busier than Ty and Rylee put together. I decided to follow him around one day with my camera to document just 45 minutes of how my day is. This is the only day I actually let him finish what he started just to let you all see. I did this because right after I got him dressed at 8:30am he got into the toilet and toilet paper and shampoo while I was getting Ty off to the bus. So we had to change him for the second time already this day. Now remember this is only about 45 min. worth of pictures. I got tired of chasing him arouond and cleaning up after him. I hope you enjoy .

After we changed his clothes he decided to sweep the floor

he missed a spot

wanted the basket - he likes to carry it around

or sit in it.

This one really scared me, but I was close in case he decided to fall.

He is after...

his binki which is in the camera case. He saw it while he was eating breakfast in his high chair.


Torrie Nicholas said...

Don't you just love it. Ty is the same way. If I leave the girls door open his favorite thing to do is take all their books off of the book shelf. And a whole bunch of other things through out the house. I completely understand your frustration, and yet at the same time it's kind of fun to just follow them and watch what they will do, they are so curious.

Kellee Smith said...

busy busy busy... How do you do it?

Haueter Photography said...

WOW! He is all grown up and so cute! That made me realize that it has been way too long since I've seen you guys.