Monday, September 22, 2008

The other half of the family

I guess I should include the other half of our family too. Here are our two Australian Shephards Dally and Bear. We got Dally about 2 weeks after we had Kody. Yes, I know, twins!!! She is 4 weeks older than Kody so I had to take care of 2 babies. I got Bear for Kelly for his Birthday. He is a Miniature Australian Shephard and won't get much bigger than he is now. He is very mild mannered and has calmed Dally down so much. They love to play all day and the kids will actually go out and play with them now that Dally doesn't jump up on them everytime they walk out the door. I think they are really growing on me. They have cute personalities!!

Dally - 19 months

Bear -4 months


The McClellan Clan said...

My word!! I can't believe you have one of those little farts!! My mom breeds and sells those suckers. So they have dogs everywhere!!! But they are pretty darn cute!!

Kellee Smith said...

You crack me up! Cute pics...