Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally - Halloween pictures!

We had a fun Halloween. I love this fun holiday because the kids think it is so fun to get all dressed up and wear their costumes all day (and week at our house). Ty was a NINJA, Rylee was a SPIDER WITCH, and Kody was a little GREEN MONSTER. check out the BINKI!! I first went to Ty's class to take pictures of their class Halloween party. We then went to Diane's to get the rest of the kids ready to go Trick-or-Treating to thier dad and Grandma Jo. They kinda got tricked when they went to see dad. I guess I need to send Candy with him next year. He gave them each a quarter and let them get candy out of the little machine. They saw Grandpa at work too then we went to Grandma Jo's. She gave each of the kids a Dollar Bill and a rice crispy treat! Their favorite!! Then we were off to the Carnival at Providence Elementary school. The kids had fun going down the slides, climbing the rock wall, and doing the cake walk! Ty was upset because Rylee won a cupcake and he didn't. After the carnival we went trick-or-treating down a couple of streets in Providence. My favoite was at the first house Rylee went up to the door and said "trick-or-treat" then turned around and came running back. She didn't quite get it. We had to explain that they give candy if you say that. Kody figured it out after a while and started going up to the door with the other kids and jabbered something and holding out his hand. He got quite a few suckers! It was a fun day, but I am glad it is only once a year. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!!

Here are a few Pictures!


Kristy said...

I was reading my friend Jocelyn's blog, and just clicked on yours thinking it was another Russell Family I know, and what a surprise to see you. I'm Kristy (Brown) Sinks from Lovell. My brother is Nate Brown. I'm not sure if you were his age or not. I'm a lot older than you, but I remember your family. I think you and Diane were just little the last I saw you. I live in Vernal, and Jocelyn is in my ward. She is so awesome, and cute. Sorry for the long comment but I just wanted to say hi to fellow Lovell Girl.
PS~ You have a very cute family:)