Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kelly's sister Kris invited us to go to a little Halloween day for the little kids. There are a couple of ladies that decorate their whole yard and field for Halloween. They took us on a wagon ride around the field and the little kids got to ride the barrel train. They had such a fun time. I put Kody on the train with Colton (nephew) and off they went. I looked out there after a minute and couldn't see Kody next to Colton anymore. I got a little nervous and thought maybe he fell out, but didn't see him on the ground anywhere. As they got closer I still couldn't see him and figured he was at the bottom of the barrel. Just as they were coming around the last little turn he POPPED his head up with a great big smile under his binki. What a little stinker.

This is how they started out

Still can see him - third one from the back

Where's Kody?? Should see him in the little red barrel in the back (not there)

PEEK - There he is!


Melanie, Shayne and Riley said...

Hi Celeste! What a cute blog! It is amazing to see how your family has grown since I saw you last. You have such beautiful children! I love all of your photography! You do are really good job! What I fun talent to have! I miss having you around to cut my hair. I don't trust anyone else to do it... so I never get it cut. It's bad I know, but I am just to nervous... and poor!!! Thanks for always being a wonderful friend to me and someone that I can look up to! I miss you and love you so much!