Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The other day I posted some pictures I took of my friend Heidi. (BFF) Maybe I could call her my "sista from another mista" LOL!! I got a comment from my other friend saying she was a little sad (as you can see in pic. below) because she thought she was my BFF! Well, truth is, I have a lot of BFF"S. Heidi is my BFF from Lower Providence. So here is my other BFF Lori in Texas isn't she adorable. I love her and miss her so much. This is so her personality and I wish you all could know her. Love you Lori - BFF!

More BFF"S to come.


Lori Mower said...

You are HILARIOUS!! I was totally just kidding. I love it. I guess that you could totally say I am your Texas BFF. Thanks so much for the giggle and for still being my friend! Oh, and of course for posting this lovely picture of me!

Kelly & Celeste said...

Love Ya Lori!