Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Face Cream

The other day Rylee told me that she had dry
Cheeks and wanted to put cream on them. I
thought nothing of it because she has done this
many times before. Well, about ten minutes later
and she comes out looking like a little ghost. I got
after her a little and she came back with "but mom,
they were really dry".

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kody's Birthday Party

Kody had two parties for his first birthday. We were in Wyoming for his real birthday so we celebrated it with the Wyoming clan. I wanted everyone to see how much he liked to eat frosting so I had to do it again back in Paradise. Yes he's so cute. "Chugg" is trying to hold his hands away from the candle. He wasn't interested much in opening presents once he saw the balls. He got really messy again and loved every bit of the frosting. Thanks everyone for making this such a fun day!

Our Cute Kids!!

Rylee opening presents at her 3rd Birthday Party. Kody loving it outside with nothing to get in to. Ty at his soccer game. He's a fast little thing!

Kelly's Canada Trip

Kelly went on his first bear hunt the end of May. No, he didn't get anything, but had a great time trying. This is the Monster Wolf his buddy shot.
Here he sat in his tree stand for most of the night. He said it wasn't too comfortable sitting on 2x4's for that long. He heard lots of wolves, but never saw any.

He wants to go back because it was so beautiful. Even though he didn't get a bear or a wolf he had a great time. We are glad he is back!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kody's First Birthday In Wyoming

Video Coming SOON!