Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Husband the Movie Star!

Kelly and His Dad were on the Early Show this morning. They were doing the "Name Sake Series" and Kelly's Dad's Vet "Dr. David Price" has the same name as "David Price" on the Early Show. Kelly is the one holding the horse.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! We had fun dressing up and putting together costumes. (at the last minute) Rylee and Kody were still a little sore from getting their tonsils out, but we made the journey to school for the first time in 8 days! I am glad that is over! It was the longest 2 weeks of my life.
We went Trunk - R - Treating at the church parking lot and went to our friends house for soup and yummies! Margaret always has such great parties! And the best part is there is always food!
Ty and Rylee dressed up and went around, but Kody wouldn't have any part of it. He wouldn't even put on his costume. We had his costume picked out a while ago, but he just wouldn't wear it that night!
Ty was a rodeo clown that got BLOODY from the bull. Rylee was a little Indian Girl and Kody was supposed to be Woolverine from X-Men.




Nice Costume Kody!! Now he is a "Basketball Player"


Can't wait for Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horse Cut-Style

So I came upstairs to this!

What are you doing Kody?
Giving this horse a Cut-Style!

Another reason this mom is taking the hair cutting business out of her home to a new location! Too many things for kids to do while mom is working!

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