Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ty & Jenny

So look what my 5 Year old is doing now! He always tells Kelly he is going to go get Jenny, but always ends up needing our help. TODAY he did it all by himself. Good old Jenny - she is so good with the kids! They can get on her and ride her all by themselves and she takes such good care of them. She minds very well and never has taken off with them. Ty will ride her for an hour around the pasture. She is so patient and Ty thinks he is a REAL Cowboy now.

Ty says "come on girl put your head down"

She kept her head down the whole time!

A few minutes later here they come.

To the trailer they go. It was so fun to watch - I wish you could see his face better - he was so proud!! Off they go to rope!!

Ropin' on the 24th

So We went to a youth rodeo on the 24th of July and Ty entered to rope the dummy calf. He was so excited and couldn't wait until it was time for him to go down in the arena. He finally got down there, waited for his turn, and they skipped over his name. Kelly went and straightened everything out and finally it was his turn.

Here are the kids waiting for Ty to Rope
SO CUTE!! Kody even has Wranglers on.

Ty waiting for his turn - watching all the kids.

He's up - He swings - Oh Man - He misses

Thats OK TY! Maybe next time. He Caught all week practicing.
Maybe next time we will bring our own Dummy!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Willows

WOW! What a fun time we had at the Willows! My Friend Torrie came to visit from California and My other friend Heidi invited us to stay at her families house in Samaria Idaho! It is known to the locals as "THE WILLOWS". It was a perfect place to visit and let the kids run and not worry about what time we had to be home. It was so fun to see Torrie and her kids - Gracie, Maddie, Cole, and Ty. It is amazing how you can just pick up where you left off. It has been 2 years since we have seen her. We all added one more to our pack of kids, the older kids just keep getting smarter, and we wonder what will happen the next year.?! Maybe next year we will go visit her - if she wants 10 extra guests!!

Kody was taking a few steps before we went, but something about the open grass kids everywhere made him just take off! Now he is almost running!

Ty woke up every morning and put his suit on and didn't take it off until bed. He has so much fun in the water.

Rylee got a few bug bites on her face and we put cream on them. Doesn't she look so sad and cute at the same time. I think I might just want to bite her bottom lip.

Torrie and her kids - Maddie, Cole, Ty, Gracie

Here is the whole pack. Ty, Gracie, Maddie, Ty, Rylee, Kody, Brayden(behind Kody), Cole, Boston, Shianna

We were all pregnent at the same time with Maddie, Ty, and Brayden. Ty was Aug. and Maddie, and Brayden were Sept. They are all 5

Rylee and Cole were also born about a month apart 3 years ago.

Boston was born in December, Kody was born in June, and TY was born in July.
See boys - The drama starts early with the girls!! They were laughing at her because she was crying. She was so tired!


Kellee Smith and her kids invited us to go to the zoo with them and we had the best time. Although it took us well over 2 hrs to get there (many stops along the way) The kids were so excited when we got there. We rode the train first and they all thought that was great.

Kellee and Ryan

Kody thinking he is so big sitting next to me rather than on my lap!

Ty and Hunter - Kellee and I were pregnent at the same time with these two.

Little Rylee loving the ride, but holding on for dear life!

We got to see an owl up close and watch how the monkey reacted to it. The kids thought that was really neat to see an animal that close -No bars or windows!

My three little monkeys!! Aren't they cute!!

Fishing at Steph"s

So, This is where Stephanie Lives!
The little house on the right. She takes care of the BIG Cabin on the left. Wow was it beautiful there. We had a fun day of fishing and hiking and just hanging out with aunt Steph.

Kody was not happy until we let him down on the dirt. His little binki was found in the water several times. I guess he will be immune to a lot!!

Aunt Steph, Porter in yellow, Kody, and Rylee

Ty was quite the fisherman once he figured out how to use the pole. "We struggled"

Steph, Ty, Diane,Rylee, Porter

Rylee tried when Ty would give her the pole for 2 minutes

We had so much fun - we are headed up there tomorrow to help feed her new baby calves!