Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ropin' on the 24th

So We went to a youth rodeo on the 24th of July and Ty entered to rope the dummy calf. He was so excited and couldn't wait until it was time for him to go down in the arena. He finally got down there, waited for his turn, and they skipped over his name. Kelly went and straightened everything out and finally it was his turn.

Here are the kids waiting for Ty to Rope
SO CUTE!! Kody even has Wranglers on.

Ty waiting for his turn - watching all the kids.

He's up - He swings - Oh Man - He misses

Thats OK TY! Maybe next time. He Caught all week practicing.
Maybe next time we will bring our own Dummy!!!


Anonymous said...

Ty, you look so good out there. Nice looking loop! Cole has been practicing a lot too, he has a blue rope. Keep practicing and you'll be as good at your dad. ;)

Anonymous said...

as your dad