Sunday, December 19, 2010

Russell'n Around

Meet the Russell Wrestlers! This is how we spend RAINY DAYS!!


Notice Kody just waiting for his turn (bottom middle)
& He punched Ty when he wasn't expecting it! (top right) No tears WOW!
Rylee just KINDA participates.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



I feel very blessed to be part of the best community in the world. We recently had a fundraiser for Preslee - a little baby who drown - and through the strength and faith of her parents her memory will live on forever. Many families will be blessed because of the many trials her family had to go through. The girls out here in Paradise stepped up and put together more than enough supplies to help make care baskets for families at Primary Childrens Medical Center and the Ronald McDonald House in Honor of Preslee's Birthday. Some of the girls were able to go to Rigby and personally give the items to Preslee's parents. There is still a group going up next week to take more if there is anything you would like to donate.

It is Bitter Sweet to have to start the process all over again.

Cancer Ribbons

We recently learned that our neighbor and friend Tammy Trimble has stage four cancer. Her family has no insurance and she will be starting treatments right away. We will be having a fundraising dinner and auction for her and her family in January at Canyon Elementary. (more info to come) We are looking for donations for the auction and any help and prayers for the family you can offer.

There will be jars in businesses in Paradise and Hyrum for donations and there is also an account set up at America First Credit Union. (Tammy Trimble Fundraising account)

If there is something you would like to do for the family please let us know. Call - leave a comment:) However you can get in touch.

We HOPE as a community we can GIVE more LOVE deeper DREAM bigger so that those in need have the FAITH to pray, the COURAGE to fight, and the STRENGTH to endure.

Rachel Hulme 770.5752
Mindy Potter 245.2766
Celeste Russell 760.2270

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Husband the Movie Star!

Kelly and His Dad were on the Early Show this morning. They were doing the "Name Sake Series" and Kelly's Dad's Vet "Dr. David Price" has the same name as "David Price" on the Early Show. Kelly is the one holding the horse.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! We had fun dressing up and putting together costumes. (at the last minute) Rylee and Kody were still a little sore from getting their tonsils out, but we made the journey to school for the first time in 8 days! I am glad that is over! It was the longest 2 weeks of my life.
We went Trunk - R - Treating at the church parking lot and went to our friends house for soup and yummies! Margaret always has such great parties! And the best part is there is always food!
Ty and Rylee dressed up and went around, but Kody wouldn't have any part of it. He wouldn't even put on his costume. We had his costume picked out a while ago, but he just wouldn't wear it that night!
Ty was a rodeo clown that got BLOODY from the bull. Rylee was a little Indian Girl and Kody was supposed to be Woolverine from X-Men.




Nice Costume Kody!! Now he is a "Basketball Player"


Can't wait for Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horse Cut-Style

So I came upstairs to this!

What are you doing Kody?
Giving this horse a Cut-Style!

Another reason this mom is taking the hair cutting business out of her home to a new location! Too many things for kids to do while mom is working!

Come see me at Revive Salon and Spa! 981 S. Main suite 220 (Back side of old Macy's)
Call 435.753.9492 for an appointment

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Photo Sessions - Start booking now!

Check out my Photography Blog for information about fall photo sessions. Hurry before all the spots are filled!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kody + Birthday = 3

Yes I know it has been um..........5 months since my last post. Well a lot has happened since then. Maybe when I have a few hours to sit and write I will let you know all about it. Right now I will just focus on the Birthday Boy (3 months ago) ANYWAY....
Kody turned 3! We had such a fun day! He was so excited that he was so BIG! We woke him up in the morning and wished him a Happy Birthday and kept telling him how BIG 3 was. He said " just a minute mom" ran into my bedroom looked in the mirror came running back " Yah - I growed and I am BIG!" I think he ran into the bedroom about ten times that morning to see if he had grown anymore since the last time he checked! We went to McDonalds for lunch because that is where big boys want to eat lunch. That night we had friends and family over for cake and ice cream. He picked out a soccer ball cake. Do you know how hard it is to make black frosting. Finally I went to the bakery at Maceys and they were so kind to sell me some black gel. Funny thing about black turns everyone's mouth BLACK ...teeth too!! When it was time to open his big present we had him close his eyes because it was too hard to wrap. He did so good. It is so hard for little ones to keep their eyes shut when they are so excited. As you can see he was so so excited for that BIG BOY bike. He has ridden that thing to death (almost). We love Kody. He is our little scruffy voice, keep us on our toes, full of life, little man. He is a tough little guy who can do anything his older brother can do (can take down his older brother too). He loves anything to do with being outside. He pulls the legs off grasshoppers and wonders why they don't hop away anymore. Usually the first thing he says in the morning is "can I have a popcycle" He lives on popcycles and cereal! We are so thankful for Kody coming in to our lives! We love you little man!




This is how I found him after everyone left! What a BIG day!!

A couple weeks after his Birthday Steph came and helped me clean out the office/junk/ throw everything you don't have a place for/ room and made it Kody's BIG BOY room. He was so excited! He loves it and won't let anyone sleep with him.
Thanks aunt Stephy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Rylee!

Our Little Princess is 5 today!
Isn't it amazing how long 5 years is, but you can remember it like it was yesterday! I still remember the day she was born and the look on Kelly's face when his little princess was put into his arms. Kelly still looks at her like she can do no wrong (I know better). Rylee has such a tender heart and wants everyone to be happy. She loves playing with Barbies and Babies and will spend hours outside with the boys! She love helping no matter what it is. She is playing soccer (kinda - with Dad's help out on the field) and taking swimming lessons. She loves pre-school and can't wait to go to kindergarten in the Fall. That will be a sad day for me and Kody! Rylee's favorite thing in the whole world is to go on a "Daddy Dater-Dot"! When she was 2 Kelly took her on her first Date. She got the words all messed up so from then on her "Daddy Daughter Date" is known as a "Dater -Dot". We love you so much Rylee and Hope you have a Super Duper Happy Birthday!




Check back for Birthday Fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Isn't it amazing what some food coloring, vinegar, and stickers can do to an egg! My kids had such a fun time coloring their eggs. By the end Kody was just grabbing the eggs out of the color with his hand and dropping it right into another one. The colors were a little messed up by the end. Rylee was so patient. She would leave her egg in until it was just the perfect color and put her stickers on just in the right place. Ty got a little bored by the end so he decided to have a sandwich. I love these fun little memory makers! Happy Easter Everyone!






Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shelf Reliance

If this post looks just like Margarets - It is Margarets! LOL She said it so well I just copied it and pasted it to mine! Just changed a word here and there!

Shelf Reliance

It's the HOT, Utah! What you ask, hosting a food storage party. Not only am I having a party, but I am becoming a consultant, with my girlfreind Margaret for Shelf Reliance.
Shelf Reliance not only sells shelving units, but the Thrive food line. And the best part...when you attend the parties, you get a "party price." A normal 72" Harvest shelving unit sells for $459.99 reg. At a party, you pay ONLY $298.99! Thats a SAVINGS of $161.00!!! The Thrive product is also cheaper at the parties. We tried the fantastic freeze dried pineapple chunks - so yummy! Reg $36.12 - party price $26.37
If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these parties yet, it doesn't surprise me. It is so new, they only have over 100 consultants. We are so excited to grab on, and show you what we have to offer.
We attended a party last night, and left so excited for my food storage. I set up a "Q." This allows me to get my family food storage for all 5 of us, within our budget. I set up a monthly amount I can afford, and it ships part of my Q to me each month. My Q is for 3 months food storage, my budget is $75 per month, and I will get shipments for 28 months. You can personalize it however you would like, for as much as you would like.

Are you ready to get as excited as us?

When: Friday April 2, 2010
Where: Margaret's
7771 South 400 West, Paradise
Time: 7:00-9:00
RSVP: 881-8035

Please come and please bring yourself, friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers.
We will have lots of great product to sample, and some great food storage info.
Check it out;

I am also heading to Wyoming in April and my sister Becky is just as excited about this as I am and wanted to host a Party!

Wyoming Party will be
Thursday, April 8th
Rebecca Rael's Home
Benchview Estates - Lovell
Open House 6-9pm
Bring all your friends and family!

I am also setting up some family photo sessions while I am there. Spots are filling up so give Becky a call if you are from that area! She has been my sweet secretary! LOVE HER!
Thanks Becky for Everything!

See ya all in a few weeks!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

April and Ryan

It was so fun taking April and Ryan's pictures! Check out my photography blog tomorrow for a full post. Here is just a preview.


Check back - we had lots of fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Car Anyone??????????

OK I really love this car I do!! It gets great gas mileage, it only costs $30 to fill the tank, It's sporty, and peppy (if that is a word), and I even had a guy tell me it was a HOT color! I love zipping around in it and I can park almost anywhere!! SO why am I telling you this? Well - I am selling her:-( My family doesn't fit very well in this car. We are fine unless we all want to go somewhere together as a family. Do people do that anymore? Surprisingly we do!! If Kelly drives there is no leg room in the back seat. Poor Ty is wedged in between the two car seats in the back and complains that he has no room to move his arms and Kody is hitting him and Rylee is laying her head on him because she fell asleep and her head is bobbing on to his.......Anyone need a cute, peppy, sporty, hot, car?????

2009 Pontiac G6 GT - 25,300 miles - $15,500. OBO


See - she really is cute!!
Let me know if anyone is interested or you would like more info!
Leave me a comment

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is It February Already??????

Because I am just posting Christmas.........

So Yes I have been slacking a bit, but It sure was nice not to HAVE to post something if I didn't want to. Well NOW - I guess I want to. So only 3 months late Here is the Russell Family Christmas Party. We went to Kelly's Mom and Dad's house and ate lots of junk food and Ty read the Christmas story for us this year (he did a wonderful job by the way), then the kids opened their pajamas and we went home to get the kids in bed for the BIG DAY!!

Ty Reading "Room for Little One" and Colton helping him hold the book and turn the pages.


The kids opening their Pajamas!


Aren't they cute when they are almost ready for bed


Check back tomorrow for Christmas Morning!

Monday, January 4, 2010

All the kids came home for Christmas....

Well....not in person, but we sure showed up!!!
This is what we gave my Mom and Dad for Christmas. My brother-in-law laughed and said it looked like all of our mug shots, but my Mom and Dad Love It!!
Can't wait to see it hanging on their wall. We did a 20x30 canvas wrap.