Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Rylee!

Our Little Princess is 5 today!
Isn't it amazing how long 5 years is, but you can remember it like it was yesterday! I still remember the day she was born and the look on Kelly's face when his little princess was put into his arms. Kelly still looks at her like she can do no wrong (I know better). Rylee has such a tender heart and wants everyone to be happy. She loves playing with Barbies and Babies and will spend hours outside with the boys! She love helping no matter what it is. She is playing soccer (kinda - with Dad's help out on the field) and taking swimming lessons. She loves pre-school and can't wait to go to kindergarten in the Fall. That will be a sad day for me and Kody! Rylee's favorite thing in the whole world is to go on a "Daddy Dater-Dot"! When she was 2 Kelly took her on her first Date. She got the words all messed up so from then on her "Daddy Daughter Date" is known as a "Dater -Dot". We love you so much Rylee and Hope you have a Super Duper Happy Birthday!




Check back for Birthday Fun!


Amy C said...

What a cutie she is!! Happy Happy Birthday Rylee!!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Rylee! She is gorgeous, just like her mommy!

Anonymous said...