Monday, September 22, 2008


People have been asking me to send pictures of my new kitchen. I finally had a clean kitchen and my camera in hand. RARE Most of you remember the yellow counter tops and out dated cabinets. Doesn't this look much better!! We love our new Kitchen!! Thanks to our neighbors "The Atwoods" for doing such a great job!

There used to be a counter right here, but you could never see it because it was full of clutter and junk! Now we have more pantry space with pull-out shelves.

Wall of Fame!

This is my favorite saying. IT IS SO TRUE!!!

The other half of the family

I guess I should include the other half of our family too. Here are our two Australian Shephards Dally and Bear. We got Dally about 2 weeks after we had Kody. Yes, I know, twins!!! She is 4 weeks older than Kody so I had to take care of 2 babies. I got Bear for Kelly for his Birthday. He is a Miniature Australian Shephard and won't get much bigger than he is now. He is very mild mannered and has calmed Dally down so much. They love to play all day and the kids will actually go out and play with them now that Dally doesn't jump up on them everytime they walk out the door. I think they are really growing on me. They have cute personalities!!

Dally - 19 months

Bear -4 months

A Day with Kody

I have tried to explain to people how BUSY Kody is, but I just don't think you can understand without actually seeing it for yourself. I have to say he is busier than Ty and Rylee put together. I decided to follow him around one day with my camera to document just 45 minutes of how my day is. This is the only day I actually let him finish what he started just to let you all see. I did this because right after I got him dressed at 8:30am he got into the toilet and toilet paper and shampoo while I was getting Ty off to the bus. So we had to change him for the second time already this day. Now remember this is only about 45 min. worth of pictures. I got tired of chasing him arouond and cleaning up after him. I hope you enjoy .

After we changed his clothes he decided to sweep the floor

he missed a spot

wanted the basket - he likes to carry it around

or sit in it.

This one really scared me, but I was close in case he decided to fall.

He is after...

his binki which is in the camera case. He saw it while he was eating breakfast in his high chair.

Ty's 6th Birthday

So I finally have 10 minutes to post some pictures. All the kids are in bed and I am going to play catch up on my Blog.

We had a surprise party for Ty on his 6th Birthday. We rented a bounce house and all the kids were hiding in it when we pulled up. He ran over to see why we had that "HUMUNGUS" thing in our yard and all the kids jumped up and surprised him. We had lots of fun jumping, eating popcycles, cake & ice cream, and punch. Needless to say the kids all went home on a sugar high!

This was the castle bounce house and all his friends that could make it. We recruited a couple of the older siblings along the way.

He picked out the 4-wheeler cake the night before thinking it was just for the family. It looked so good he couldn't wait until I cut it!

His dad gave him a TRAINING pocket knife. He thought that was pretty cool!

His favoite thing to get was his saddle. He was so excited he wanted to go saddle Jenny up and give all the kids rides on his new saddle.