Friday, December 18, 2009

Is it Permanent????

Why YES it IS permanent marker all over his body!! I do mean EVERYWHERE!! If you don't believe me you can ask my sister-in-law Kris. She had the opportunity of changing his bum (that is another story - he is supposed to be going in the toilet not his pants) AAAHHHH - BOYS!!
Anyway - I have been working like a mad woman on the computer the last few days trying to get pictures and cards ordered for people before Christmas. When I sat him down to the counter there was no marker in sight! Well, that doesn't make any difference. THE KID CAN CLIMB!! He came in, stood right beside me, and said " Mom, look a tatoooooo! I thought I would find that he had colored on his hand or something with a crayon. Well - not exactly. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I just prayed inside that it was washable...........I started the tub and when nothing happened when I sat him in the water my stomach got sick. Then I wondered "what else did he color on?" I found the sharpie on my bed along with a beautiful tatoooooo on my sheets! I guess it is a good thing I don't make my bed very often or it would have been all over my bed spread. Lucky Kid! It's a good thing I love him because I could very easily make a KID FOR SALE sign!


Anyone know how to get marker out of sheets and off little boys body?

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Family

About 5 years ago we had our last family picture taken. Wow have things changed since then. Three weddings, Nine more grandchildren (with one on the way), and lots more wrinkles!! We were all together for Thanksgiving this year with the exception of our sweet nephew Kyler - who spent Thanksgiving with his mother. Hopefully I can figure out how to photoshop him in one of the pictures. I think it turned out pretty good for as many people were supposed to be looking at the camera. I am so Thankful for my family. We always have such a fun time when we are together. I wish we all lived closer so we can get together more often. I am Thankful for my Parents raising us up right and for all the sacrifices they made for us. So here is my Beautiful Family(if I do say so myself)!