Friday, December 26, 2008

My Ty

Christmas time is always a little hectic, but thanks to our children we take a step back and realize what is really important. All they have to do is say one little thing to make you stop and think. Ty has been so excited about Christmas this year and we always use the "if your not good Santa won't come" way too much. He really has been a good help and is so good to his little brother and sister. So get to the point already HUH!
OK - Christmas Morning Ty came upstairs and told us that Santa had been here and he brought lots of toy. Well, Kelly looks at the clock and it is 2:00am. I don't know about you, but I had been asleep maybe an hour and a half. I told him to go back to bed because Santa doesn't want us to open presents this early. So he goes back down to bed and sets his alarm. Now 7:30 comes around and his alarm goes off. I hear him shut it off and run up the stairs as fast as he can. Kelly was out feeding the animals so I told him to just sit by me until he got back in and then he could go wake up the kids. He could not sit still. I asked if he was excited and he started rattling off all the toys he saw and told me he was so excited. I was excited for him. Then he said "Mom, when I woke up earlier I went in and saw the toys and I got so excited that I wanted to cry. Wait mom I did cry a little bit." His voice started to get a little higher pitched and his hands were clenched together trying to hold in his excitement. " I can't wait mom I am so excited." You could just feel it in his body how excited he was. I am sitting here laughing inside because I can still see the look on his face.
That's when you stop and realize it is about the feelings and the emotions and your kids and your family. Can you remember how you felt when you were a kid? How excited you got and that feeling your stomach was just going to jump out of your body.
I am thankful for Ty for making me realize that It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be fun and exciting and memorable. The house gets trashed on Christmas day anyway!!
I hope you all had a memorable Christmas!

Here are a couple pictures I took at Ty's class Party.
Keep watching for Santa Pictures!

Gingerbread Houses - what a fun idea!

Ty Helping Rylee Play BINGO

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The other day I posted some pictures I took of my friend Heidi. (BFF) Maybe I could call her my "sista from another mista" LOL!! I got a comment from my other friend saying she was a little sad (as you can see in pic. below) because she thought she was my BFF! Well, truth is, I have a lot of BFF"S. Heidi is my BFF from Lower Providence. So here is my other BFF Lori in Texas isn't she adorable. I love her and miss her so much. This is so her personality and I wish you all could know her. Love you Lori - BFF!

More BFF"S to come.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Schiess Family

Wow - Look at this family. This is my BFF Heidi and her Family. Aren't they cute. Poor little Boston had a hard time today, but we got some great shots. Sandor even smiled when I asked him too! GOOD HUSBAND! Check out their fun slide show.

Slide Show

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wanna Ride???

This if for all you single ladies out there. Yes he is single, he owns a BIKE and he IS a PILOT. He actually can take you for a ride.
I can only do this because he is basically my brother-in-law. Brother to the Weeks family from a few days ago. My sister is married to his brother and he is like family to me. He was a lot of fun to take pictures of and at the end he loosened up a bit.
I did this photo shoot for his mother for Christmas. She is going to love them. Isn't he a great model. Check out his slide show for more information.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Little Kody

So let me tell you a little about my day yesterday. Most of you saw my post "A day with Kody" (or 45 min.) Well, It hasn't gotten any better. Maybe a little worse, but not better. Any way - All I wanted to do was fold a little laundry and pick up the downstairs. By the time I got Ty off to school, Rylee out of bed and fed, cleaned up 3 bowls of cereal Kody dumped on the floor because he has to do it himself, it is now 10 am. Yeah!! Kody's nap time. So I put him to bed, got in the shower, and started folding laundry. I was almost done folding when he woke up. I thought I would just hurry and finish before I get him out. Well, Guess who comes around the corner - Yes - Kody. Did you know he could get out of his bed?? Neither did I! So I had Rylee keep him busy for a minute while I finished. I went upstairs to put some towels away and use the Ladies room and came back downstairs and guess what - yes you guessed it - ALL MY LAUNDRY NOT FOLDED ANYMORE!! It is now a cannon ball landing for Kody and Rylee. Was I mad? Of course I was. Did I yell? Of course I did. What did I do? I took all the laundry up to my room and shut the door!! It is now 1:00 and I have to finish getting ready because I was going to take pictures and had to pick up the babysitter from school and be back by 2:50. So I am down getting ready in the salon and Kody wants some goldfish. I open him a little bag and set him in the hallway to eat them while I did my hair. While I was blow drying my hair he went upstairs, pulled about 5 bulbs off the christmas tree and broke 3 of them. I came up to check on him and he showed me his cut finger. We fixed that up and went back downstairs to finish my hair. This time I put the gate up so he wouldn't go back up. Well, he grabbed the bag of goldfish and dumped it all over the salon floor. Did you know no matter how much you sweep up hair you never quite get it all. (bag of goldfish - gone) So by now Celeste has had enough. I grabbed him, I put my hands on his little face and put his face close to mine and told him how naughty he was. No, I was not calm about it. You know what he did? He opened his mouth, gave me a big huge slobbery kiss, and gave me a hug. You know what I did? Started Crying. Did you know that no matter how mad or hurt or disappointed in your children you are all they have to do is smile and everything is all better. So today is a new day. I may not have a clean house or my laundry or dished done. My family might get take-out 5 nights a week or pb&j, but you know what? My kids are not going to remember what we ate or how clean the house was. They are going to remember that mom played dress-up, and basketball, and silly little made-up games that only a 1 year old thinks is funny. One of these days I won't have anyone to clean up after and I am going to be sad. So if you come to my house and it is a mess I'm not going to appologize or be embarrassed (maybe a little embarrassed) because I would rather have happy kids than a spotless house. Like Dr. Laura says " I am my kids Mother" and I love every minute of it!!

I love this little Stinker that gets into and ontop of everything!

The Weeks Family

Meet the Weeks Family. Scott, Michelle, Tiesha, Cassie, and Cole. (Dianes in-laws, Todd's sister) I have spent a lot of time with their family over the years and I love them just like my own. What a beautiful Family! Thanks Scott for being so patient with me.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beautiful Girls!

Just had to show you this Amazing picture of my Sis and her daughter Kenna. What Beautiful Girls!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hot Mama!!

Look at my Hot Mama!! Doesn't she look amazing. She has been here for a week while my Dad and Richard worked on Diane's house. She just had her um.......39th birthday on Thanksgiving this year. Happy Birthday Mom! We Love You!! Come back soon.