Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wanna Ride???

This if for all you single ladies out there. Yes he is single, he owns a BIKE and he IS a PILOT. He actually can take you for a ride.
I can only do this because he is basically my brother-in-law. Brother to the Weeks family from a few days ago. My sister is married to his brother and he is like family to me. He was a lot of fun to take pictures of and at the end he loosened up a bit.
I did this photo shoot for his mother for Christmas. She is going to love them. Isn't he a great model. Check out his slide show for more information.



Ann-Marie Photography said...

your pictures look great. I'm glad you commented on my blog because now I get to comment on yours!!! I also have to say I'm getting a new goodbye noise and hello clarity.

Unknown said...

Hey Celeste. GREAT Job!! How old is this single man. My sister is still single. Although she lives in Boise. So I see you have Photoshop now? Someday I'll catch up to everyone. :)

Kassie said...

i'm single!! Would he ever go out with a girl who has a child??? :)