Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Little Kody

So let me tell you a little about my day yesterday. Most of you saw my post "A day with Kody" (or 45 min.) Well, It hasn't gotten any better. Maybe a little worse, but not better. Any way - All I wanted to do was fold a little laundry and pick up the downstairs. By the time I got Ty off to school, Rylee out of bed and fed, cleaned up 3 bowls of cereal Kody dumped on the floor because he has to do it himself, it is now 10 am. Yeah!! Kody's nap time. So I put him to bed, got in the shower, and started folding laundry. I was almost done folding when he woke up. I thought I would just hurry and finish before I get him out. Well, Guess who comes around the corner - Yes - Kody. Did you know he could get out of his bed?? Neither did I! So I had Rylee keep him busy for a minute while I finished. I went upstairs to put some towels away and use the Ladies room and came back downstairs and guess what - yes you guessed it - ALL MY LAUNDRY NOT FOLDED ANYMORE!! It is now a cannon ball landing for Kody and Rylee. Was I mad? Of course I was. Did I yell? Of course I did. What did I do? I took all the laundry up to my room and shut the door!! It is now 1:00 and I have to finish getting ready because I was going to take pictures and had to pick up the babysitter from school and be back by 2:50. So I am down getting ready in the salon and Kody wants some goldfish. I open him a little bag and set him in the hallway to eat them while I did my hair. While I was blow drying my hair he went upstairs, pulled about 5 bulbs off the christmas tree and broke 3 of them. I came up to check on him and he showed me his cut finger. We fixed that up and went back downstairs to finish my hair. This time I put the gate up so he wouldn't go back up. Well, he grabbed the bag of goldfish and dumped it all over the salon floor. Did you know no matter how much you sweep up hair you never quite get it all. (bag of goldfish - gone) So by now Celeste has had enough. I grabbed him, I put my hands on his little face and put his face close to mine and told him how naughty he was. No, I was not calm about it. You know what he did? He opened his mouth, gave me a big huge slobbery kiss, and gave me a hug. You know what I did? Started Crying. Did you know that no matter how mad or hurt or disappointed in your children you are all they have to do is smile and everything is all better. So today is a new day. I may not have a clean house or my laundry or dished done. My family might get take-out 5 nights a week or pb&j, but you know what? My kids are not going to remember what we ate or how clean the house was. They are going to remember that mom played dress-up, and basketball, and silly little made-up games that only a 1 year old thinks is funny. One of these days I won't have anyone to clean up after and I am going to be sad. So if you come to my house and it is a mess I'm not going to appologize or be embarrassed (maybe a little embarrassed) because I would rather have happy kids than a spotless house. Like Dr. Laura says " I am my kids Mother" and I love every minute of it!!

I love this little Stinker that gets into and ontop of everything!


AKA Rosa said...

Wow......I think I need a nap!! What a morning, but, what an ending. A big slobbery kiss! If everyday could just end that way it would be a great day:)

The McClellan Clan said...

wow girl, no wonder you think 3 are hard!! You have got your hands full. I'm sorry!!! But he is cute, and I would start crying if he would have given me a kiss and hug, LOOK AT THOSE EYES! See if you wouldn't have given your kids your pouty eyes, you wouldn't have such a big problem here!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, sniff, sniff How true is that? Holy cow, I know how you feel, and I would never judge you for an untidy house. I feel like that's all I do especially living with my in-laws because I don't want them to kick us out. It's bad enough when Grandpa is always looking for his tools, because he thinks one of the kids took them somewhere. Most of the time that's true but sometimes he miss places them himself. lol Anyway, it's so true, kids will only remember what time you spend with them. Your an awesome mother, wife, and friend. And your kids are so stinking adorable!!! I tell my kids all the time their lucky that they are so cute. Love Ya!!!