Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kody + Birthday = 3

Yes I know it has been um..........5 months since my last post. Well a lot has happened since then. Maybe when I have a few hours to sit and write I will let you know all about it. Right now I will just focus on the Birthday Boy (3 months ago) ANYWAY....
Kody turned 3! We had such a fun day! He was so excited that he was so BIG! We woke him up in the morning and wished him a Happy Birthday and kept telling him how BIG 3 was. He said " just a minute mom" ran into my bedroom looked in the mirror came running back " Yah - I growed and I am BIG!" I think he ran into the bedroom about ten times that morning to see if he had grown anymore since the last time he checked! We went to McDonalds for lunch because that is where big boys want to eat lunch. That night we had friends and family over for cake and ice cream. He picked out a soccer ball cake. Do you know how hard it is to make black frosting. Finally I went to the bakery at Maceys and they were so kind to sell me some black gel. Funny thing about black turns everyone's mouth BLACK ...teeth too!! When it was time to open his big present we had him close his eyes because it was too hard to wrap. He did so good. It is so hard for little ones to keep their eyes shut when they are so excited. As you can see he was so so excited for that BIG BOY bike. He has ridden that thing to death (almost). We love Kody. He is our little scruffy voice, keep us on our toes, full of life, little man. He is a tough little guy who can do anything his older brother can do (can take down his older brother too). He loves anything to do with being outside. He pulls the legs off grasshoppers and wonders why they don't hop away anymore. Usually the first thing he says in the morning is "can I have a popcycle" He lives on popcycles and cereal! We are so thankful for Kody coming in to our lives! We love you little man!




This is how I found him after everyone left! What a BIG day!!

A couple weeks after his Birthday Steph came and helped me clean out the office/junk/ throw everything you don't have a place for/ room and made it Kody's BIG BOY room. He was so excited! He loves it and won't let anyone sleep with him.
Thanks aunt Stephy!


Stacey said...

Priceless facial expressions. He is beautiful! HAppy Birthday!

Greg Becky said...

Fun! His room looks great! What a stinkin' cutie!!! I'm way behind on posting too.