Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horse Cut-Style

So I came upstairs to this!

What are you doing Kody?
Giving this horse a Cut-Style!

Another reason this mom is taking the hair cutting business out of her home to a new location! Too many things for kids to do while mom is working!

Come see me at Revive Salon and Spa! 981 S. Main suite 220 (Back side of old Macy's)
Call 435.753.9492 for an appointment


Mandy said...

I love that salon. One of my very best friends works there. Shalisa Jensen. You might know her. If not, you probably will soon!

I love the pictures, by the way. Kody cracks me up!

Unknown said...

Oh, the joys of little boys!!! I've been watching my friends twin boy and I need to get a lock for my pantry. They are constantly getting something out to eat. lol

Congrats on the job!! I'm excited for you!!