Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fishing at Steph"s

So, This is where Stephanie Lives!
The little house on the right. She takes care of the BIG Cabin on the left. Wow was it beautiful there. We had a fun day of fishing and hiking and just hanging out with aunt Steph.

Kody was not happy until we let him down on the dirt. His little binki was found in the water several times. I guess he will be immune to a lot!!

Aunt Steph, Porter in yellow, Kody, and Rylee

Ty was quite the fisherman once he figured out how to use the pole. "We struggled"

Steph, Ty, Diane,Rylee, Porter

Rylee tried when Ty would give her the pole for 2 minutes

We had so much fun - we are headed up there tomorrow to help feed her new baby calves!