Friday, February 27, 2009

Good-bye Mr. "bink-d"

So my little baby is growing up. I knew it was time to let Mr. "Bink-D" go when I would hear him wander the house calling out for him. "Bink-D" are you" he would say looking everywhere and not knowing that when he wasn't looking I had taken it and hidden it. So I decided to do the clip the end thing. Well the first time I did it he looked at it funny, but just put it in his mouth and didn't care. The next day it got clipped a little more. He looked a little more confused, stuck his finger inside the silicone and walked around with it on his finger for a while then put it back into his mouth. The next day was the sad day:( It got clipped again. This time he could only hold on to it with his teeth. He kept telling me "uh - oh mom boken". So I would say "OOH gross lets throw it away" NOOOOO MOM!! So two days ago it just disappeared! I thought it would be hard when he went to bed. He keeps asking me about it when he goes to bed or for a nap, but I just tell him it is yucky and broken and it is all gone. He cries for a few minutes, but it is getting better every day. He hasn't even asked for it today. It was a lot easier than I had anticipated. My Baby Boy is Growing Up:( He sure looks a lot better without it in his mouth and we can understand what he says a lot better too!:)

I guess he will just suck his lips now.

this is where it was the last time I saw it.

This is what it looked like the last time Kody saw it.

GOOD BYE "Mr Bink-D"


AKA Rosa said...

Congratulations!! It's a hard day with mixed feelings I am sure! Dawnielle was so attached that this is what I did. She kept it until it was even more clipped than that. She just decided it wasn't anymore fun when she had to hold it with her teeth. She threw it away and that was the end! It was great because she wasn't mad at me it was just something odd that happened! Oh, why do they grow so fast? :(

Lisa said...

Celeste- I love it. I wish I could have cut off Jed and Emma's thumbs. I think Jed is over it, but I think Emma sometimes secretly sucks her thumb when no one is looking. Way to go. Mission accomplished:)

Mandy said...

I love the pic of him sucking his lip. That is so dang funny! Although he looks SO sad! His poor Bink-D! Way to go! I don't look forward to that day. Gentry is a binky LOVER!

Becca said...

I am a bink believer but all good things must come to an end! Good job though I think it was harder for me to take it from Brac than it was on him. See you soon!

Lisa said...

Celeste I tagged you. Thank Lori! She started it!! Love Lisa