Monday, April 6, 2009

It's HORRIBLE!!!!!

It has Happened! I had hoped this day would NEVER EVER come. I found it this morning after I got back from the gym. I was brushing my hair and it just jumped out and stared at me with it's shiny little coarse smirk. Yes, you guessed it, my first gray hair. Now I have to color my hair for a reason not just for fun! Don't worry I fixed the problem for now, but I have heard that once you get one, it's not long before the others follow.



As Kody would say - EWWW SICK!!


Unknown said...

Awwww I feel your pain, I love Kody's comment. lol

wade and shannon said...

Don't worry this little problem can be solved. Wrinkles on the other hand, they won't go away in an hour.
See ya Friday, We will take care of the little buggers.

Lisa said...

Oh no Celeste!!! Why do they have to be so coarse and nasty? Mary Kay is really good for wrinkles though. Collette has got me hooked on it. But you know that. I am wondering also why a gal can still get zits and gray hair. That is so rude!!

The McClellan Clan said...

Now that is sad!! Hurry get a beanie and never take it off again!!!!!!!
I think your lucky. I bet I get them in about 2 years!! Good luck to ya on that one. I bet you don't know any hair dressers do ya!!

Lundberg Family said...

I hear you! I have been pulling those stinkers for the past few months. They just sneak up on you. I need to start coloring my hair again too! Sorry I missed time.

Kris said...

Oh Celeste, I wish I was more sympathetic to your plight...however, it is time you caught up with the rest of us. :) It is nice to have another member of the group.