Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Pictures!!

You know how hard it is to convince your family it is time again for family pictures! Well this time Kellee told us it is this week or never........not really, but she is getting surgery this next week so a couple weeks ago she called and said lets take your pictures....we set a date....Boom they're done!
Thank you Kellee so much for all you do for me and my Family. We love you and wish you the best on your surgery!

I love this picture!

I think I am checking on the kids and Kelly is looking at the car wondering how fast he can get out of there.......Not really he did great and so did the kids. He is lookin mighty fine these days too! Love you Babe!


Lisa said...

Celeste I love the new family photos! They look so good. I tried to spy a close up on my iphone on facebook last night, but it was too small so I'm so glad you posted these! Hey I think we need to schedule another family photo for us too. Now that Jane baby is here we need something with her in it. I would love some fall colors and that couch that you did Jordan's on is awesome!! I'm out of town until the 26th, but maybe sometime after that. Even right after would work. Just let me know! thanks Celeste

Stacey said...

Great pix! You are as beautiful as ever!

The McClellan Clan said...

you're just plain stinking cute!! All of you! Well I better say Kelly is Hot or else he might puke by the cute factor :) Hope you're doing GREAT! I miss you and love you dearly and always have you on my mind!! You look so angelic by the way!! Always what I have thought of you anyways!!

Lundberg Family said...

I love your photos! You guys look great! I love your jacket..super cute! I need to come down there to shop and get some cute stuff!! But you will have to help me!
Hope all is welL!

Amy C said...

Love the pictures of your great looking family Celeste!!