Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Gittins Family

So, I got a new (to me) camera from my friend Kellee Smith momentsbykellee.com. I have been learning to shoot with her so I can take over for her Candid shooter while she has a baby. I am loving every minute of it. I love to see Kellee in action and hope that some day I will be able to understand everything I need to know so she can just set me free at the weddings. Well, I am definately no professional, but I think a couple of these turned out ok!! I have been begging all my friends to let me take pictures so I can practice. Even if they get one good one, well they get it for free for letting me practice on them. Margaret's kids were my first little experiments. Let me know what you think!!




Pretty Serious!

I had a fun time time taking these pics. Thanks Margaret!!


Greg Becky said...

Fun! here's your new name. Lasting Memories. or Scattering Memories. or Eternal Memories. or Russell Down Photography. or I don't know just some that I thought of. Love ya.

Lundberg Family said...

Celeste you did a great job with the pictures! I like the individual ones especially. Keep taking pictures and you will get better and better. I always thought it would be fun to be a photographer!

Unknown said...

I love the fall pictures, they turned out really good!! Someday I may catch up to all my photography friends. My camera is on the fritz right now. :(

The McClellan Clan said...

lOVE IT!!!!!!! its great!!! You really did a good job!!
HOw the heck have you been?? Your little family is priceless!! I love it!!!

Kellee Smith said...

Celeste, these are so cute. So fun to see you out taking pictures! Call me and we can go over all of the technical points some time!