Friday, June 19, 2009

Memorial Day

Yes - I know this is a little late, but I have had Weddings and Family Pictures that had to take priority. Go check out my photography blog at and you can also see more pictures at and click on the blog. We have lots of fun stuff coming up so keep checking.
So back to Memorial Day. Every Year since we have been married we have our annual Chugg Picnic. We go to the park and have sandwiches, salads, and yummy deserts. The highlight of the day is the CANDY CANNON!!! Yes - CANDY CANNON. Kelly's uncle Brent fills a cannon full of gun powder and shoots candy across the park. The kids love it so much. This year was a little different. Grandma Chugg and Grandma Jo got out there with the kids and had just as much fun as the kids did. Now you all have to realize that "Chugg" will be turning 95 years old this September. She is still driving, living on her own, going to club, and attends every home Aggie Basketball Game. What an amazing Woman. She is a Daughter of a Utah Pioneer from Hyrum. The Sorensen Homestead. I love her just as my own grandma and am so excited to be a part of her life. Another Exciting thing that happened that day was Kelly went to a Team Roping in Farmington with over 800 teams. After years of practicing almost every night and getting the confidence up to enter he finally did it. He got his first Buckle. He and his partner took 10th place. I wish you all could have seen his face. He was like a kid that just got 100% on their test. He was so excited and I am so proud of all his hard work and dedication to this sport that he loves! So here are a few pictures from the day.


Rylee wasn't so sure about "Chugg" almost getting pick up over Kyle's shoulder.




She gets so mad when I take her Picture

Kelly's Buckle


The McClellan Clan said...

Cute pictures. Seriously it just felt like you were there. You did a great job capturing all the fun times!!
Tell Kelly I'm impressed, I didn't think he had it in him;)
Oh I miss you guys!!

Greg Becky said...

Looks like you had a fun time, we missed you guys. Figure out if Ty can come stay with us sometime this summer. Maybe after the Barn? It would be fun! He can stay with me most of the time :) Think about it.

Unknown said...

That's amazing that she is living so well!!! Tell Kelly Congrats!!! That's awesome he's having fun and being rewarded doing what he loves. Can't wait to see you!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like you had a great fun..
You did a great job capturing all the fun times!!

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